Young consumers tend to custom printed socks

Talking about why the company started to contact digital custom printed socks, Mr. Wu introduced that on the one hand, digital printing is indeed a trend now, more and more products have begun to add printing elements, and young people are more and more accepting of personalized products. As a commodity with a certain rigid demand, socks have a huge annual consumption, reaching the level of 10 billion pairs. Under such a huge market volume, if you can keep up with the trend, it will be a big cake to seize the current young consumer force.
On the other hand, due to the impact of e-commerce, the living environment of traditional wholesalers is more difficult, while young consumers are more willing to shop online. In this environment, digitally printed socks with a higher degree of freedom are obviously more in line with current consumption trends. Therefore, the main sales channel of digitally printed socks produced by Ubuy is to cooperate with some e-commerce companies. According to Mr. Wu, traditional offline wholesalers do not recognize digitally printed socks very much.
The main reason is the high cost of digitally printed socks. It is understood that the average cost per pair is about 5 yuan higher. A large part of the higher cost will be allocated to the production cost of the stockings itself. Due to the different production processes, the socks used for digital printing have higher quality requirements on the socks themselves, such as yarn quality, weaving level, etc. . At the same time, because digitally printed socks are currently more popular with young people, young consumers are more inclined to online shopping. This is especially evident in recent years. More and more e-commerce shopping festivals with wide influence and strong discounts stimulate young people’s consumption, such as domestic shopping carnivals such as 11.11 and 6.18, and there are even many Chinese shopping festivals. Older people are gradually joining the ranks.
Compared with ordinary socks, the main advantage of digitally printed socks is that the choice of patterns is more free and the colors are rich. Consumers can even choose patterns by themselves, which is more in line with the current personalized consumption. At the same time, unlike ordinary socks that use machine knitting to easily produce thread ends, digitally printed socks have less thread ends (now there is 360° seamless knitting technology, which can achieve wireless ends), and the comfort is higher. Ubuy now produces digitally printed socks eight hours a day, with a daily output of about 3,000 pairs. Through e-commerce cooperation, Ubuy’s daily sales exceed 10,000 yuan by virtue of these advantages of digital printing.

Post time: Jan-19-2022