What’s the difference between sports socks and business socks?

There are three main differences:


Difference one: business socks pay attention to appearance, and sports socks pay attention to quality, that is, the appearance of business socks than sports socks good-looking, and sports socks good quality.


Difference two: business socks wear more soft, light, sports socks more thick and relatively rough.


Difference three: sports socks wear-resistant, coarse texture, business socks are relatively soft, the protection of the foot is not strong sports socks.

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The raw material of business socks determines the appearance, comfort and other indicators of business socks. The natural fiber content of good business socks should be more than 60%, natural fiber including cotton, hemp and mulberry silk, at present, the mainstream raw material of high-end business socks at home and abroad is mercerized cotton. Hemp is relatively sweat absorption, but the smoothness and smoothness of the socks made of hemp are not good; Pure silk is of high grade and high cost. Business socks made of mercerized cotton not only have the natural characteristics of moisture absorption of pure cotton, but also have the advantages of being smooth, soft and crease resistant.


Sports hosiery is a kind of hosiery, also known as rib mouth thick thread ball hosiery or return ball hosiery, shape and general single rib mouth hosiery are the same, but the thickness and number of yarns used are obviously different from other single rib mouth hosiery. Sports socks generally use four 36 (16S) yarn or five 28 (21S) yarn woven, because the thread is thicker, and the number of roots is more, so the texture is thick, strong and wear-resistant, suitable for sports enthusiasts wearing, sports socks can wear comfortable, can protect the feet, hygroscopic than ordinary socks, sweat is good, so it named sports socks.


Sport socks can make a world of difference, especially during longer workouts or if you have sweaty feet. They help reduce the moisture and friction, which becomes more important the longer you run.



Post time: Jul-21-2021