What to pay attention to in socks design

Many current socks designers are unprofessional.
Some start from the factory. This has an advantage. Just understand the product. Know which design can be used and which cannot be used.
Some are made from graphic design. These have to be adapted slowly.
Another is the art major. Their pictures are the most beautiful. The most unbelievable. In time. Their design is the most marketable.
At present, the best is the clothing company. Understand the craft. Understand the trend. Also know the design. The price is a bit high.
But for the average sock company. Product development. Basically meet the requirements.
Most designers will encounter a problem in the design. It is the designed draft. One is that it can’t be done, and the machine can’t realize it. Then the color wiring cannot meet expectations. How to achieve the process.
Today we briefly talk about the issue of the manuscript.
First, there are not many colors. There are basically no more than 7 colors now. You are like your design is eventually turned into a phase element map. The color cannot be too much. Otherwise, the machine can’t do it.
Second, there can be no gradients. Unless stamped
Third, no more than 5 colors of the same horizontal line seat.
Fourth, the pixel map. (No matter how beautiful your design is. It will eventually become a pixel map.)

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Post time: Dec-08-2021