What is the best underwear for sports?

Our breasts are glandular organs hanging from the pectoralis major muscle, without the support of bones and muscles. When exercising, if you don’t wear underwear, the vibration of your breasts will easily cause your breasts to sag, which will affect your appearance and movement. Long-term heavy exercise without support and protection of the chest can also cause pectoralis major muscle laceration. In addition, if the underwear is too tight and the body does not sweat well, it can also cause skin inflammation.

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Sweat a lot during fitness, and breathability is an important indicator for choosing underwear. At the same time, during exercise, there will be more friction between the body and the underwear. If wearing chemical fiber underwear is very easy to damage the skin, you must choose carefully. It is best to choose pure cotton underwear.

During fitness, the activity of each part of the body increases, so underwear must have better elasticity, especially the supporting performance, so as to avoid excessive breast tremor when the body rises and falls. At the same time, the shoulder straps of the underwear should be firm to ensure that it is not easy to slip off, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

You can choose sports underwear for fitness. Sports underwear is a special underwear that protects the chest without hindering movement when doing various sports. Compared with ordinary underwear, it has the functions of anti-vibration and sweat absorption.

Exercise of any intensity can make women’s chest vibrate. Sports underwear can not only fix the chest from the impact of vibration, but also prevent the chest from obstructing the movement. In addition, sports underwear generally has good elasticity, which is convenient for the limbs to bend and stretch freely.

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Post time: Apr-15-2021