What color matching tips do socks have?

Socks collocation skills, divided into two, one is color matching skills, one is style skills. Today we are going to talk about color matching techniques.

1. Black, white and gray socks go well with black, white and gray shoes.

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2. In terms of stocking color, white is the most white, followed by black. So black and white must be there!

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3. If the color of socks is not black, white or gray, match the color of other clothing.

4. Echo is the color of socks and shoes, clothing or accessories.

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5 .echo color can refer to color ring complementary color, contrast color, medium color, similar color, similar color and the same color. (Look at the matching colors in the two pictures above.)

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6. echo color Angle the smaller the less prone to error, so the same color echo the most safe.

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7. Matching socks and tops is the most common color, followed by matching socks and accessories.

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8. Except black, white and grey, shoes and socks are generally not recommended in the same color.

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9. If shoes and pants are dark, brighten them with socks.

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10. The shoes and socks are dark, which will have a higher effect.

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Post time: Sep-02-2021