What are the best men’s socks?

Some people say that men socks are a man’s second skin. Wearing the right socks on the right occasions is actually a science.

The most important principle for men to wear socks is to emphasize the overall match. In many cases, the long trousers will directly cover the upper. Only inadvertently can the existence of socks be seen. At this time, its color, texture, and cleanliness will provide a scoring basis for your taste.

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So, how should men choose socks?

The first thing to look at is the composition of the socks. Everyone knows to wear pure cotton socks, because cotton is a soft and comfortable natural fiber, but many friends don’t know, in fact, there are almost no 100% cotton socks on the market, because 100% cotton socks have no toughness, so you can’t help but wear them. Generally, those with a cotton content of more than 85% are traditionally said to be pure cotton. There is no fixed number for this specific one, but in general terms. Pure cotton socks (the so-called pure cotton on the market) are soft and comfortable to wear, have good breathability and sweat wicking properties, and are cost-effective.

In addition to cotton socks, there are also hemp socks which are also good in terms of moisture absorption and perspiration performance. However, the price of real hemp socks is higher than that of cotton socks, and all kinds of hemp socks on the market are mixed. There are not many socks with good hemp.

In addition, the current cotton socks have made great progress in the knitting process. Many summer cotton socks use a mesh weaving technique on the socks, which is not only more wicking and breathable, but also better than hemp socks in terms of comfort.

In addition to cotton and linen men’s socks, men’s silk socks constitute the characteristics of high-end men’s socks with elegant luster and comfort. The only drawback is that the silk is not strong and not durable.

When buying men’s socks, in addition to choosing the material, you also need to look at the size and tightness of the socks. Good socks should have a moderate tightness. They should not only stick to all parts of the foot and all the curvatures, but also do not feel stuck and suffocated, and the sock mouth does not feel ribbed. But it will not slide down during the dressing process.

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Post time: Mar-31-2021