Ubuy adds a new dimension to the athleisure trend with socks that can be worn all day long.

Ubuy socks set new trends in modern sportswear with an innovative design.

Ubuy, one of the most popular sock brands in China, is now bringing a paradigm shift to the booming sportswear market by making socks an integral part of the change. The company offers an amazing line of high quality knitted socks with ultra-comfortable, moisture-wicking and breathable yarns that keep you cool, dry and comfortable.
Over the past few years, men and women have begun to swap out their traditional attire for sportswear, yoga, and recreation—and wear these styles everywhere without regret. In the United States alone, the sportswear industry is expected to generate over $95 billion in revenue by 2025. Industry experts attribute this shift to people’s vibrant lifestyles and looser dress codes in the modern workplace. However, unfortunately, the socks have been removed from the athleisure category and are still sold as suit socks, sports socks, casual socks, etc.
The unevenness of the sportswear industry has inspired Ubuy to take advantage of this opportunity with both hands and fill the void by creating the world’s best everyday wear socks. In just five years since their inception, they have become the market leader in sports socks in terms of performance, comfort and style, combining technical performance with expressive design. Ubuy socks provide a seamless transition between work, fitness, sports, play, relaxation and more during a busy day.
“I was looking for socks that were less bulky and not too long and they were perfect! I bought 5 pairs and wore them for a long period of time with no problems. Also, I just finished a 17 mile hike over the weekend. They are very comfortable and the perfect length. All the members of my running group ask me about socks because they look so cool. I highly recommend them,” said one of the impressed users in a comment.
“We have created the most comfortable all-day sports socks in the world with hundreds of designs that allow our community to express themselves. But we don’t just sell socks – we sell inspiration, and every pair of socks is thought out to the smallest detail. designed to achieve personal bests,” said Ubuy founder Jack.
After 15 years of development, Ubuy has become one of the largest socks and seamless underwear manufacturer in China. Thanks to our advanced technology equipment and sample designing systems. Our actual products and designs are well accepted on international markets, but we can also make it as per customer requirement. Our products enjoy a good reputation not only in China, but also abroad being very popular all over the world. Our clients come from North America, Europe ,Australia , Japan etc.

Post time: Nov-07-2022
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