The socks worn by professional athletes

As a national sport, running is simple to get started, does not require equipment and is not limited to the venue.


It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people who lose weight start with running. But it is estimated that few people know about running socks except for athletes.


Rock climbing, running, skiing… Sports socks should consider the special requirements of different sports on the biomechanics and physiology of the ankle.


And this pair of Titans sports socks as a running series, it also considers the cushioning of the feet during running, moisture absorption and ventilation during exercise, arch fixation, Achilles tendon protection, etc.


Titans design socks according to the force of the front and back soles of the feet, the distribution of sweat glands, and the force positions of the Achilles tendon and arch of the foot.

The specially designed socks are not easy to be stuffy and wear-resistant during exercise, and can protect the feet to a greater extent.


Compared with ordinary socks, sports socks have higher requirements for fit, so the socks will be slightly tighter.


The fiber needs to have a reasonable layout in the design of each part of the socks, otherwise the partial tightness will cause a sense of pressure, and only the overall tightness in the structure is more comfortable.


But it does not bind the toes, and the movement remains flexible.


In addition, when a person’s feet are landing, the forefoot and the back heel are the main stress points.

If the socks do not focus on protecting these two parts, it is easy to grind out blisters, especially during a marathon.


Therefore, the Titans have made partition protection on this pair of sports socks. The instep, socks and arch of the foot are of normal thickness, and the forefoot, toe, and heel are protected by thick loops.


Thickened socks can increase the elasticity between the shoe and the foot, and better cushion the pressure on the forefoot and back heel during running.


Especially in the relatively weak toes, the Titan sports socks are about twice as thick as ordinary socks, and the protection is more in place.


When running abruptly, the toes and shoes will not have a violent impact.


Even if you rub forward hard, the socks on the toes will not show your toes, which is more protective than ordinary socks.


Like ordinary socks, rubbing forward slightly, the toe of the socks becomes silk stockings, and the protective effect is basically zero.


At the same time, these thicker loops also increase the contact area of ​​the socks material with air, so that the socks have better moisture absorption and perspiration.


Even with strenuous exercise, there is rarely a wet sticky feeling.


However, the toe of the socks is not uniformly thickened, but a specially designed inter-toe heat dissipation window + breathable mesh is additionally reserved to enhance heat dissipation.


Secondly, as sports socks, the arch of the socks must have a fixed pattern, otherwise the socks will shift to the side of the foot when running.


The Titans added specially designed braid belts on the soles and arches of the feet to increase friction with the insteps and prevent slipping.


In order to fit better, the Titans are designed according to the ergonomic design of the left and right feet of the Chinese, distinguishing the left and right feet, and use the letters “R, L” on the socks to indicate.


The overall fabric of the socks has excellent air permeability, and the heat emitted by the human body can be quickly discharged, which will not bring more burden to the feet during exercise.


Moreover, because of sweating during exercise, socks are prone to bacteria and stinks. Titans have also taken preventive treatment in the socks fabric.


Such a pair of designed sports socks are especially suitable for running, playing ball, hiking, marathon and other sports. Users of the flagship store said that feet burned rarely after a few kilometers.


Many loyal users of the Titan brand will choose Titan sports socks to protect their feet and reduce the chance of foaming when doing outdoor sports.


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Post time: Nov-03-2020