The main classification of sports socks

When doing different sports, wear different sports shoes. Similarly, socks need to be matched. Wearing suitable sports socks during exercise will also reduce sports injuries. The following mainly introduces several popular sports socks:
1.1 Yoga socks
Yoga exercises mainly practice flexibility and balance, and some difficult movements are generally practiced barefoot, so choosing socks is especially important. The bottom of the yoga socks has a rubber particle anti-skid design. The special anti-skid socks can not only effectively prevent yoga practitioners from slipping feet when doing movements, but also effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. And with the assistance of yoga special socks, many yoga practitioners will easily master some of the essentials of yoga movements and increase the effect and sense of harvest of practicing yoga.
In the course of yoga practice, there may also be such a situation: yoga practitioners will sweat when practicing barefoot. As a result, the floor or public yoga mats are very unhygienic, so using yoga socks can not only effectively maintain your own hygiene, but also maintain public health.

yoga socks
1.2 Running socks
Running socks are designed for runners who pursue fine and breathable running socks. Today’s high-performance socks not only keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they also act as cushions and support your feet. Running socks can provide support and help prevent slipping. The most important thing is to make sure that you are buying the correct size. This will prevent excessive tightness and looseness from causing blisters.
Running socks have the following three main characteristics: First, breathability, tight socks to ensure good ventilation
Breathable mesh to accelerate perspiration; second, supportability, the elastic band in the middle of the foot ensures the stability of the socks during running; third, it is anti-friction, and the flat stitch at the toe prevents friction and redness.

running socks
1.3 Ski socks
The sport of skiing has become more and more popular and accepted and loved by everyone. This extreme sport is characterized by fast speed and steep slope. It is easy to lose your footing during speed skating, especially the ankle is easily injured, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable pair of ski socks.
Skiing socks should be worn when skiing, but general long sports socks are also acceptable (additional basketball socks, baseball and softball socks are acceptable). Socks are only suitable for non-skiing time. The main reason is that ski boots are high-class, socks are too low, and the skin is in direct contact with the snow boots, which can cause swelling and pain due to friction. You only need to wear a pair of socks when skiing, unless the shoes are slightly larger, you can add more socks to adjust, because wearing too many socks sometimes affects the feeling of skiing.
Ski socks should choose socks with high waist and good elasticity, and should not be too thick to ensure flexibility of movement.

ski socks
1.4 Basketball socks
Basketball socks are divided into high waist and low waist. The purpose of the stockings on the basketball court is completely different from that on the football court: football players always stock up to the knees, which is to fix the guard plate of the front bone of the calf. Although basketball stockings also have the function of tightly wrapping the calf muscles, their sports protection degree It’s not as big as football stockings. It can also be said that the psychological factor of the stocking belt on the basketball court is greater than the physical factor. Many players believe that the calf is more prone to exertion when the calf is tight. In fact, the effect is very small and almost negligible.

After understanding the importance of sports socks and choosing different sports socks for different sports, before buying, understand the material composition of sports socks. Different materials will solve different problems. Choose the one that suits you.

Post time: Oct-09-2020