The difference between sports socks and ordinary socks

What I shared with you today is the difference between sports socks and ordinary socks. When Ubuy talks about today’s topic, I believe many people will have doubts. The socks are usually worn well, why should I choose sports socks when exercising? Are they all socks? What’s the difference? Let’s learn more about it with Ubuy.

No matter what socks you buy, the most practical function is to prevent shoes from grinding your feet. The most difference between sports socks and ordinary socks depends on the level of every detail and the level of incorporating different sports characteristics. There are a lot of sudden changes in the movement of the soles of sports, so that the protection of the feet (wear resistance) is more and more important, and the most important thing to consider this feature is to be thick, which is what most sports enthusiasts like for thick socks reason.

Does this mean that thick socks are enough? If so. Then three pairs of ordinary sock sets are not all the same. This involves the second feature. It’s okay to wrap several pairs of socks thinly and thickly, but if the tightness of the socks is different, various wrinkles are likely to appear during exercise, causing the risk of foot rubbing. If the socks are loose, it is possible to dislocate directly.

Therefore, professional sports socks should have a stronger wrapping power, that is, a significant sense of wrapping and tightening when worn on the foot, so that the footwear will follow the foot more and less likely to wrinkle and affect the foot feel. It can even provide the necessary support for the ankle, and scientific research has concluded that putting a lot of pressure on the foot can promote blood circulation and improve exercise behavior (this is the mechanism of compression stockings).

The third characteristic of a pair of excellent sports socks derived from the wrapping force, durability is also called functional life. The life span of sports socks is usually longer than that of ordinary socks. Some people wear ordinary socks, which are short for two or three days, and two or three weeks long, they will wear out the big toe and the heel, but if they wear terry sports socks, they will not wear out easily in two or three months.

For a pair of sports socks, the most impact on the lifespan may be the wrapping power. If the wrapping power is lost, the sports socks will become less and less heeling, and even look like a hemp bag on the sole of the foot.

In addition to the three larger functional attributes of the above sports socks, the difference between sports socks and ordinary socks also depends on the hosiery process, sewing process, raw materials, etc. Among the characteristics of socks, wear resistance is the most realistic feature of sports socks, and the most direct highlight of the hosiery process is the thickness of the socks.

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Post time: Sep-14-2020