The benefits of wearing sports underwear

If you don’t wear professional sports underwear when exercising, it will cause great harm to female friends’ breasts. When women are exercising, wearing sports underwear has many benefits, which can prevent the chest from obstructing exercise.

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1. Shock absorption prevents sagging chest

Sports underwear is a special underwear that protects the breasts without obstructing movement when women do various fitness sports. It has the functions of anti-vibration and sweat absorption. Any intensity of exercise can make women’s breasts vibrate, so wear sports underwear to protect the chest from vibration.

2. Improve athletic performance

Expert research has shown that without wearing a sports bra, girls run a full marathon, the up and down vibration caused by the chest will produce a displacement of 3,500 meters-40 kilometers of the entire horse, but 3.5 kilometers more than others, this What is the concept? Although this example is a bit extreme, it gives us some important hints that the protection of the chest during exercise is very important. Because the chest is a glandular organ, it will be very fragile without the support of bones and muscles.

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3 Convenient exercise

Wearing sports underwear can also prevent the chest from hindering exercise. Because the human body always sweats during exercise, another function of sports underwear is to absorb sweat, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize. In addition, sports underwear generally has good elasticity and facilitates the flexibility of limbs.

4. Sweat absorbing and breathable to ensure comfort

If the body does not sweat well, it can cause skin inflammation. Therefore, the sports underwear is designed to form a whole body with the breast and the body through the strong support in the design and the full chest constriction, so that the body is strong and healthy. In addition, the fabric of sports underwear is generally high-elastic cotton, which is good for wicking perspiration, but also keeps warm, and is suitable for limb stretching.

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Post time: Dec-14-2020