Teach you how to wear men’s socks

Wearing the right socks on the right occasion is actually a science. today, Teach you how to wear men’s socks

1. The color of men’s socks should be a basic neutral color and darker than the color of trousers. The color of men’s socks is the most fashionable and simple way to match the suit. If the suit is gray, you can choose gray socks, and light-colored western suits with darker brown or brown socks.

2. White and light-colored pure cotton socks should be used with casual style pants and casual shoes. When wearing suits and shorts, socks that are too long look rustic. Wear short socks that are below the calf, preferably short socks that just reach the ankle. And try not to pick out the eye-catching light colors. If you are doing pure white sports dress, the socks must be white sports socks that are spotless.

Precautions for wearing socks

1. The socks worn when wearing suits and leather shoes should be dark, monochrome, and preferably black.
2. Clean. Socks must be changed and washed once a day to prevent odor.
3. Complete. Before wiping, be sure to check whether there are holes or skipped wires. If it is found, it should be replaced in time.
4. To be in pairs. When you wear socks, wear a pair of socks. Don’t wear two socks that are not a pair by yourself, especially when they have different colors and patterns.
5. Fit your feet. The size of the socks must fit your feet. The trowel is too small, not only easy to break, but also easy to slip off the feet; too short socks, it will often expose the calf. Generally speaking, the length of socks should not be lower than your own tread bones.

Pure cotton socks for men

Post time: Dec-25-2020