How to choose a pair of socks with good moisture wicking properties?

Mainly depends on the material

In addition to cotton, there are two options

If there is not much sweat on your feet, you can choose “cotton” socks, but the ratio of cotton is not as high as possible.

Cotton is a very versatile textile material, with good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, and cheap as a raw material.

However, one thing is different from what everyone thinks. We do not recommend socks made of only “cotton”. Because cotton has no elasticity, and its strength and wear resistance are also average, it will not be too comfortable to wear.

Therefore, whether it is cotton or other socks, it is recommended to choose a blend of chemical fiber components such as spandex and polyester, which can improve durability and comfort very well.

In addition, although cotton absorbs moisture, its perspiration ability is not so outstanding. If the feet sweat a lot, the socks may become wet.

A better choice is hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, viscose or modal fiber.

There are many voids in hemp fiber and bamboo fiber, and there are grooves on the surface of viscose and modal fiber. Both structures can better help to expel sweat and complete the whole process of moisture absorption and perspiration, even if sweating. Also helps to keep feet dry to the greatest extent possible.

Hemp fiber and bamboo fiber also have natural antibacterial and deodorizing effects, which help to reduce odor to a certain extent, while viscose and modal fiber are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

There are two more powerful materials, wool and CoolMax fiber.

Wool not only has good moisture wicking performance, but also can reduce the contamination of microorganisms well, lock the bad smell in the shoes, thus sacrificing yourself and making your feet.

CoolMax fiber is a very good functional chemical fiber, which has better moisture absorption and perspiration than natural fiber, and chemical fiber has the characteristics of wear resistance, which is widely used in outdoor products.

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Post time: Apr-11-2022
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