Can I wear sports underwear to sleep?

Sports underwear is popular with girls because of its close-fitting comfort and no steel ring. Many people wear sports underwear as daily underwear. Can sports underwear be worn for sleep? What are the hazards of wearing sports underwear for a long time?


Loose, comfortable and breathable sports underwear can occasionally be worn for sleep, and it is not recommended to wear it for a long time. It is best to let your chest relax when you sleep. If it is a tighter shaping sports underwear, it is definitely not recommended to wear! Too tight clothing will hinder the breathing movement of the chest, which is not conducive to the return of lymph and veins.

Although sports underwear is comfortable, sports underwear cannot be worn as daily underwear. Wearing sports underwear for a long time is not good for breast health, because sports underwear is more stable to the chest than ordinary underwear. Wearing it for a long time will tighten the chest too much. Tightness will affect the blood circulation in the chest, easily lead to sagging and sagging of the chest, and even cause some breast diseases.

Sports underwear is a functional underwear. If it is recommended, it is best not to wear sports underwear at ordinary times. It is better to wear it only during exercise. Wearing sports underwear during exercise can reduce the severe pain or sagging caused by the shaking of the chest. Its shoulder straps are better than ordinary underwear, and there is no steel ring, which can tighten the chest. Although wearing sports underwear feels similar to ordinary underwear, it is not good to wear sports underwear for a long time.

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Post time: Mar-12-2021