Autumn is coming!How to choose high-quality stockings

Autumn is approaching, and it’s the season for stockings. How do ladies who love beauty choose high-quality stockings? Ubuy tells you that it is easy to master the three elements and choose a pair of fashionable and high-quality socks!


1. See the appearance quality of the sock

  The first thing consumers see is the flatness and fineness of the knitting lines and graphics of the socks, the symmetrical and flat shape of the socks (without wrinkles and obvious blistering at the heel), and the neatness of the socks packaging.


2. Watch the inner quality of socks

The inner quality of the socks directly affects the comfort of wearing is the primary condition. The stretch size of the elastic head has different standard ranges for different types, the density and size standards of the socks, the fine density of the seam of the socks, and the color fastness. It is best to reach the fourth level of the national standard.


3.Three, check the feel of the fabric

Fabric is an important factor affecting the grade of socks. The feel of fabric is the evaluation method of fabric quality and tactile. The feel of fabric is closely related to fiber raw material, yarn variety, fabric thickness, fabric weight, tissue structure, dyeing and finishing process. High-end products Especially pay attention to the feel.


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Post time: Aug-17-2020